The Manual for your own personal driver

What is Uber’s Phone Number?

This is the direct way to get phone number, you can always send a contact request:

Uber-Phone-NumberBut as for now there is only one direct Uber customer service care contact phone number.  Call (415) 801-4068, for Uber. Ybut don’t get disappointed when you get a long answering machine message about how to use the Uber app and their services.

Best way to get uber customer service Help?  Open your Uber App >> Tap on the Top Left Profile Icon >> Tap On “History” >> Tap On the Ride you need help for >> Tap on “Need Help?” >> Select the option and provide all the information.

This is the fastest and easiest way to get help from Uber customer care support/service.

If customer want to contact Uber driver for any reason, like correction of address, inquiring about time, customer can always contact Uber driver from the Uber app. The Uber app will place a call to the Uber driver when customer choose to call driver. Always try to save the Uber driver’s phone number as it will save customer a lot of inconvenience. The Uber phone number customer get while requesting a ride is not the Uberx driver’s real phone number, but by calling this phone number customer will able to reach the Uber driver.

Uber Contact Details

To contact Uber through the Uber app you can tap on the top left “Profile” icon, tap “History” and then find the ride you have questions to by tapping on it, provide all information and press send. Uber is usually replying very fast to you by e-mail.