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How Do I Become a Driver for Uber?

WHAT IS UBER? Uber is a smartphone app that makes it easy to get paid for driving your own car. It’s simple to use. When you want to make money just turn on the app and pick up riders. You’ll see how much you made after every ride and you’ll get paid weekly. WHY DRIVE […]


What is Uber’s Phone Number?

This is the direct way to get phone number, you can always send a contact request: But as for now there is only one direct Uber customer service care contact phone number.  Call (415) 801-4068, for Uber. Ybut don’t get disappointed when you get a long answering machine message about how to use the Uber app and their services. […]


How Can I Earn Free Rides or Credits from Uber

You can earn free rides or Uber account credit by inviting your friends to signup and ride using your personal invite code. You can find your invite code in the Uber app by tapping Free Rides in the main menu. Uber credit or rides will be applied to fares billed in the corresponding currency. Remember, […]


What is Required to Sign Up for an Uber Business Account?

UBER FOR BUSINESS SIGNUP REQUIREMENTS In order to sign up for Uber for Business an organization must have: – a corporate domain for employee email addresses (e.g., – a major credit card which will be used to process all transactions UBER FOR BUSINESS BILLING When you sign up with Uber for Business, you’re asked […]

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How Do I Add and Remove Employees from Uber Business Account?

Each employee associated with your Uber for Business account will need their own personal Uber account to use the service. Adding employees to your Uber for Business account is quick and easy. Navigate to the dashboard and click “Add Employees,” located in top right-hand corner of the page. From there, you can add individual employees […]

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What Employee Trip Information is Visible?

You can see the time of day, start and end location, city, duration, and product type (i.e., uberX, UberBLACK, etc.) of all employee trips in your administrator dashboard under the Trips heading. You can also download all trip information in .CSV format from the same page.



Uber is registered under the Merchant Category Code 4121, for Taxicabs and Limousines.

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Are there Corporate Rates Available with Uber?

No.  There are no corporate rates available at this time. Uber for Business can be used at regular Uber rates. There is no corporate discount (or additional fee) that comes with the use of it. By using the platform, you will be able to monitor your employee’s travels with complete transparency, export trip data, and […]

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How Do I Sign Up for Uber for Business?

It’s easy.  Just follow the steps below. You can sign up your organization for Uber for Business from the page linked below. Neither Uber for Business account admins or employees that already use Uber need to create new Uber account to use Uber for Business. Existing Uber accounts are already set up. Once an admin […]


What is Uber for Business?

Uber for Business is a travel management platform that helps get your team wherever they need to go. It’s easy to setup and maintain with these great features: – Centralized billing: one payment source linked to all employees – Team management: complete control over who is riding – Increased transparency: see how your employees travel […]